On May 25, 2004, the Vanguard Church website initiated.

It's been a wonderful nine years, building up a wonderful community of friends that are committed to glorifying God by constantly re-thinking things that pertain to the church.

We saw the "Emergent" conversation take off and also fizzle. We saw the "Missional" movement take root as a biblical framework for understanding the mission of the church.

We saw debates on politics (often the most heated!), debates on theology (often the most informative), and debates on church (often the most applicable).

It's been a good nine years.

Now my focus turns toward The Center to Reintegrate Faith, Life, and Vocations, the non-profit ministry that I direct. We equip God’s people to reintegrate the Christian faith with vocation so that they can participate in God’s mission on earth.

At the (re)integrate website (www.re-integrate.org), I've been blogging as much as ever - about how the Christian faith informs how we live and work, how the church can be more missional, and about leadership in the church.

I am also the content editor for "Faith" at www.TheHighCalling.org. Every Thursday afternoon, you will find posts that I've either written myself or have commissioned from others and have edited.

Let's Keep Connected!

You can follow me on twitter: @bob_robinson_re for my personal tweets,
and @re_integrate for tweets about reintegrating faith, life, and work.

You can connect with me at the Reintegrate Facebook page as well.

The Reintegrate Linked In page is a great place to connect with people.

I'm on Google Plus as well.

All my social media connections and websites can be accessed at about.me/bobrobinson .

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